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Our Technology  Does your financial services IT group have a world-class advantage?  Retain your edge with LOGIC CORPORATION consultants.

The World of Financial Services:  Major Characteristics


A Global Business
A Networked Business
A Business Increasingly Dependent on E-commerce Initiatives and the Web
A Business of Partnerships
A Client-Focused Business
A Brutally Competitive, Fast-changing Business

 Today’s financial services companies face large and often puzzling challenges that can be neatly summarized in phrases like “We need to spend less money and make more.” Or from the brave new world of customer relationship management, “How do we increase productivity by taking full advantage of impersonal technology to build and maintain increasingly personalized relationships with our clients?”

 Highly skilled consulting professionals from LOGIC CORPORATION can help address these and other urgent questions.  In today’s fast-changing world, financial services CIO’s and CTO’s must always have the right staff for that high-impact, high-visibility project, readily available to hit the deck running.  Let the recruiting professionals at LOGIC CORPORATION help you find those consulting professionals.

 For years, LOGIC CORPORATION has been successfully staffing technology initiatives and supporting technology infrastructure at clients including American International Group, AMBAC, Ing Baring, Sumitomo Bank, Tokio Marine and Fire USA, and many others.

 LOGIC CORPORATION, a world-class provider of consulting talent for the financial services industry, is especially strong in all major ERP packages, accounting and financials, analytics, e-commerce, information security, UNIX in all its forms, relational databases, and network operating systems, tools and products.  Our twenty years of consulting success with many different companies and technologies has made us experts in recruiting and retaining the skill sets you need today.  Whether your needs involve legacy applications, web-based products and services, or systems integration initiatives, let LOGIC CORPORATION help provide solutions.


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